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I only draw breath today by the grace of the Great Spirit, who for personal reasons I’ve taken to calling Grandmother ;-).

Wife Shirl, daughter Sionánn, and son Oisín – for damn near everything, including teaching me what love really is.

My father Vincent who taught me to go to work, my mother Ruth who gave a love of stories (and a lot of love, period), and my actual grandmother Florence, who gave safe haven.

Shirl’s sister Mary and husband Allan, for thoughtfulness, generosity, and all-round great-spiritedness.

Carrie Ishee – friend and coach, without whom taking a shot at writing might never have happened.

Fred Brown – for his wisdom on making the best use of the energy you’re given.

Nilmini Fernando – for tremendous encouragement and a whole bunch of editing, also a treasured friend.

Louisa Putnam – who made available the perfect writing space in the mists of Ardfield, County Cork, and who is also a great friend and blessed spirit.

Those who read the early bits of Thief and Shaman and came back with their insights, suggestions, and encouragement ~ Khimba Lee, Vic Hallam, Tricia Lyne and daughter Danielle, Deirdre Gleeson and her son Oisín, Claudette Sutton, Finola Cooney, Noel Simmons, Ali Sangil, Ise Murphy, Nick and Elsa Frost, Bruce Fort. And those who took a look later on: Claire Ericksen, Trish Peschl and Walter Donahue. Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

The land of Beara and its environs – for the inspiration and the vision.

Walter Wolfe – travelling buddy in the dreamscape, now passed into the realm of the spirit – I hope you’re getting all your questions answered.

Robert Sheets – anam cara, hopefully enjoying grilled fish and mighty craic with the Messiah on a beach somewhere in the Otherworld.

Dana Schemack and Chris Laro – true brothers.

Mike Hoyt – a true friend (and 12th cousin! ;-)).

Richard Hart and Ross Morgan – for epitomizing the earthiness of humanity, and a whole bunch of other things!

Teddy Black – storyteller and friend.

Frank Conroy – for getting me closer to the sea, and the finer points of blackguarding.

Morgan Llywelyn – an author whose work makes mythic Ireland accessible.

Tom Cowan – who offered suggestions on sources and tales, and whose writing (such as Fire in the Head) turned me on long ago to aspects of shamanism in Celtic culture.

Last, but perhaps not least, to all those who ever caused me difficulty in life – you’ve provided excellent fertilizer!