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Who am I? When I figure it out I will definitely post it here…….or on second thought maybe not.

I live at the end of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland, with the love of my life and two feral faerie children (now 8 and 5.5 years old) who have been put in our care. Our roots are in New Mexico, another land of enchantment.

I have often found my feet in two different worlds, or else in between. To the extent that I have learned anything, the most important learning often happened at the least expected times, in the strangest of places, and with the unlikeliest of teachers. I made a ruin of my life in my youth, and I try to stay open now to the process of becoming. I write to share some of what I’ve found, because my experience leads me to trust that if you want to keep it, you have to give it away.

I’d hate to be defined by my tastes, but I highly recommend the salutary effects of regular immersion in sea water, communing with seals, drinking lapsang souchong, eating freshly caught and smoked mackerel, reading Cormac McCarthy’s novels, and listening to Lúnasa’s music, among many other things. This list will probably change, depending on which personality comes up on the roulette wheel the next time I modify the site.

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Contact me!

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